Man Jadda Wajada

Last time I hear that Arabic words was 3 days ago, if I’m not mistaken, when I made a call with my youngest brother. He is a second year student in one of Islamic school in our town. He is very smart young boy. He often says this beautiful words to motivate me and he his self.

Ten minutes ago I watched “Kick Andy” on TV. It discussed about a newer film, “Negeri 5 Menara”.  It will release soon on movies but the novels have been launched. It is the hottest topic right now after Ayat Ayat Cinta and Laskar Pelangi. The message of this film is Man Jadda Wajada.  It  means whoever earnestly doing something, she/he will get what she/he want. It’s very beautiful proverb, isn’t it?

It was so touching me. It made me not afraid to be a dreamer. It makes me believe God will help them who earnestly struggle to reach their dream. Never give up! Nothing impossible!  Never say I can’t! You can if you think you can! Go Go Go!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^



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